Faecal Occult Blood Test

Testing for:

Traces of blood you can’t see in your faeces



Blood in your stool can be an indication of bowel cancer, but not all traces of blood are visible…


What is faecal occult blood testing?

It tests for traces of blood you can’t see in your faeces (poo).

Why should I take this test?

In the UK, around 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer ever year. Around 14,000 die. Early diagnosis can dramatically improve outcomes.

What does the test reveal?

Traces of blood in your poo can be an indicator of bowel cancer.

How do I get tested?

Book a simple blood test now.

Did You Know?

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, yet diagnose it early enough and survival rates can be over 90%.

Signs of bowel cancer

You may have heard that one of the most common signs of bowel cancer is having blood in your poo. But did you know that it’s possible to have blood in your poo without realising it?

Often, the levels of blood in faeces can be so low as to be invisible to the naked eye. The only way to know for sure whether you have blood in your stools is by testing for it.

What is bowel cancer?

30-40% of over 60s will develop at least one polyp (a small tumour) in the colon or rectum which has the potential to become malignant (ie cancerous).

Having polyps doesn’t necessarily mean that any will become cancerous, but if they do, bowel cancer can be fatal. In fact, it’s the second most deadly cancer in the UK.

Is bowel cancer treatable?

Yes, especially when caught early. 5-year survival rates for treatment of early stage bowel cancer are above 90%. Where the disease is advanced, however, survival rates can be as low as 6%.

Does blood in my stools mean I have bowel cancer?

No. There are several other possible reasons for having blood in your poo. These can include:

  • Colitis
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Tears in the lining of the anus (anal fissures)
  • Piles

So, a positive test result doesn’t mean you have bowel cancer, but it may well reveal the existence of a condition that needs treating.

What does faecal occult blood testing do?

One of the reasons bowel cancer frequently goes undiagnosed before it’s too late is because the bowel is a part of the body that many people feel embarrassed discussing.

Blood testing with Better2Know Your Body lets you test for non-visible blood in your stools in private, so there’s no embarrassment, just understanding.

If the test does prove positive, you will need to visit your GP to begin further tests to diagnose the specific problem.

How do I get tested?

To get tested please contact Better2Know your Body on the number above or click book now.