Rhinitis Provoking Screen

Testing for Allergies:




Before you treat the cold-like symptoms of allergic rhinitis, take the test to ensure you’re treating the right condition.


What is allergic rhinitis?

An inflammation of the nose-lining.

What are the symptoms?

Cold-like symptoms including a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, phlegm in the throat.

What causes it?

A wide range of allergens ranging from pollen to skin flakes, dust mites, perfume, smoke and exposure to fumes as part of your work.

How do I know if I’ve got it?

A simple blood test is all you need. Book yours now.

Did You Know?

Allergic rhinitis is extremely common, affecting up to 1 in 5 people in the UK.

What is allergic rhinitis?

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the mucus membrane in the nose. There are two forms of the condition: allergic rhinitis is inflammation caused by an allergic reaction. Non allergic rhinitis feels similar to allergic rhinitis, but is caused by other factors including oversensitive blood vessels in the nose, overuse of nasal decongestants or infection.

Usually, testing for allergic rhinitis is key to diagnosing both forms of the condition. If you have the symptoms of rhinitis but test negative for allergic rhinitis, a diagnosis of non-allergic rhinitis often follows.

What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis often feels like a cold, with symptoms including:

  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itchiness
  • Phlegm in the throat

Often, allergic rhinitis is a relatively mild condition. Sometimes it’s seasonal (depending on your particular allergy), but rhinitis can be something that stays with you for years, so it’s important to test for it and treat it to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

In severe cases, you may find it difficult to sleep and/or the rhinitis may impair your ability to function during the day. Up to 57% of adults with allergic rhinitis have sleep issues that can affect daytime function. If you are affected in this way, see your GP.

Testing and treatment

There are a wide range of allergens that could cause allergic rhinitis, so it’s important to choose a test that covers the widest possible range of potential causes. The Better2Know Your Body allergic rhinitis blood test measures your response to grass pollen, cat and dog dander, dust mites, dairy, peanuts and more.

Once confirmed, you can begin treatment with an over the counter, non-drowsy antihistamine.

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